Critical Incident Response Team

Critical Incident Response Team

Center For Family Services is part of the Traumatic Loss Coalitions of Gloucester and Camden Counties. Partnering with community agencies, CFS Trauma Response Team responds to traumatic events such as sudden deaths, suicide, homicide, accidents, school or community violence, robberies, house fires, industrial accidents, natural disasters, etc.  Calls come from the local community, the state or the national level. Our team is available to respond immediately following a traumatic event and can provide on-site services. CFS trauma counselors have responded to homes, schools, businesses, government offices, and hospitals, offering survivors support and guidance.

After a traumatic experience, survivors often experience grief, fear, anger, guilt, and flashbacks. Our counselors provide debriefing counseling and teach coping skills in order to help survivors cope with their feelings and heal.   

The following are a few examples of how CFS trauma debriefers have responded to the needs of our community:

  • CFS was on-site at a gas line explosion, helping 40 misplaced Camden families cope with the loss of their homes.
  • CFS offered a debriefing to doctors, nurses and other staff at a local hospital just hours following the treatment of a teen suicide.
  • CFS provided support to community members, teachers and school staff during a memorial service and throughout the school day after two young children in Camden County were killed.
  • CFS helped a community in Gloucester County come to terms with the violent drive-by shooting of a teenager.

For individual counseling or information about our Critical Incident Response Team, contact our Access Center at 1.877.922.2377. 

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