Grief & Traumatic Loss

Grief & Traumatic Loss

Grief & Traumatic Loss Counseling Services provides high quality professional counseling to individuals, couples, children, adolescents, and families whose lives have been disrupted by a traumatic experience: victim of crime, natural disaster, domestic violence, or loss or death of a loved one. Individual, group, or family counseling and support services are provided through this program.

The Center For Family Services also provides for coordination of all community based services delivered by the Camden and Gloucester County Traumatic Loss Coalitions. Each county has its own critical incident response teams that are activated by the CFS Traumatic Loss Coordinator, who also provides for coordination of county Coalition services, their professional development and the convening of related county trauma resources.

Our short-term trauma specific intervention program, SITCAP (Structured Intervention for Traumatized Children, Adolescents, and Parents), is for children age 3-18 who experienced a significant loss or traumatic incident such as house fire, car fatality, accidental sudden death, critical injury, terminal illness, violent incident, divorce, or foster placement. Our Certified Trauma Specialists provide individual and group sessions for a period of 8-10 weeks focusing on coping strategies.

The Peter M. Musumeci, Jr. and Linda M. Musumeci Family Sanctuary at Center For Family Services is an outpatient counseling and support center for victims of trauma and loss. The Sanctuary is a safe, supportive, and compassionate environment for children, teens, adults, and families, whose lives have been disrupted by a traumatic experience.  

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Phone: 1.877.922.2377

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The program is open to any individual living in need of services living in Camden or Gloucester Counties.


UMDNJ, NJ Victims Crime Act, CPAC, Client fees. 
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