Blueprints for Change

Blueprints for Change

Blueprints for Change is a 26-week program focused on assisting men, 18 years and older, to change their core beliefs around violence and understand how it effects their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

This state-wide program focuses on increasing and developing the individual's insight into their behavior and its effects on their partners, educating them on how their values of women and/or their partner contributes to unhealthy communication and behavior, and teaches methods and techniques to bring behavioral and emotional change that promotes respect and balance in their personal relationships.

Contact Information 

Phone: 609.313.9978

Referral Information 

Referrals are accepted through the Department of Children Protection and Permanency or Court Ordered. 


NJ Department of Children's Services, Division of Child Protection and Permanency 
Counseling & Behavioral Health