Mentoring - STEP

Mentoring - STEP

Be a constant, caring presence in the life of a young person and help to change their future. 

STEP is a supportive workplace mentoring program that provides youth with a caring, adult who encourages and prepares them for success in a career oriented environment. The program pairs Camden County probation teens, age 16-19 with a working professional providing the opportunity to learn based on practical experience. Youth participate in this program for a minimum of 4 hours per week. 

Through the STEP program, the working professional establishes a relationship with the youth and models behaviors, attitudes, and skills needed for transition from school to employment.  The professional serves as a coach, role model, and advocate providing youth with an opportunity to contribute in a positive way. 

Teens participating in the program gain valuable workplace experience and learn firsthand the general work expectations of promptness, commitment, reliability, and quality work. 



If you would like to be a mentor volunteer with STEP, fill out the application below or contact us at 856.408.3047 or by emailing


STEP Application

STEP is funded by JDAI through Camden County Youth Services Commission, Community Planning and Advocacy Council through a grant from the NJ Department of Children and Families

Mentoring with the STEP Program

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