Non-profit & Social Services Experts

Non-profit & Social Services Experts

At Center For Family Services, we value our executive leadership and the experience they bring to our services. With backgrounds in addiction/recovery,  sexual violence, domestic violence, human trafficking, trauma and loss, counseling, early childhood education, and more, our staff are experts in their fields. The media is welcome to interview our leaders listed below for stories and related issues. Interviews with our social service experts can be conducted in person, by phone, or via e-mail.

For media inquiries or to arrange an interview with one of our staff experts, contact:

Jen Hammill, Associate Vice President of Public Relations
856.651.7553 x40129

Mary Beth Woodward, Communications Manager
856.651.7553 x40130

Staff Experts

Wendy Alexander
Associate Vice President

Credentials: Master’s in Counseling Psychology

Number of years with Center For Family Services: 24

Expertise: Housing, Homelessness, Affordable Care Act, Life skills, Parenting Case management

Eileen Henderson
Chief Operating Officer

Credentials: Masters in Counseling Psychology

Number of years with Center For Family Services: 28+

Expertise: Runaway and homeless youth, foster care, transitional living, and positive youth development. Extensive experience creating new initiatives for strenghening families through evidence based prevention and intervention services. 

Richard Lange
Director of Outpatient Services

Credentials: MSW, MED.  LCSW LPC PHD

Number of years with Center For Family Services: 22

Expertise: Parenting, working with school aged children, mental health issues, suicide prevention.

Barb Maronski
Associate Vice President Trauma and Violence Prevention Services

Credentials: MSW, LAW

Expertise: Traumatic grief, trauma response, children of domestic violence

Linda Mur
Associate Vice President of Adult Behavioral Health & Substance Use Disorder Services

Credentials: Ph.D., Counseling Psychology; Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor

Number of years with Center For Family Services: 9

Expertise: Substance use, Co-occurring and Mental Health Disorders and treatments, deaf culture substance abuse and treatment, women’s substance abuse treatment, vulnerable populations, cultural diversity issues, and multiracial identity theory.

Gina Ridge
Associate Vice President, Victim & Trauma Services

Credentials: Masters of Administrative Services, Non-profit Management,

Number of years with Center For Family Services: 17

Expertise: Sexual violence, domestic violence, human trafficking, violence prevention education, adult residential services

Merilee Rutolo
Chief Operating Officer

Degrees/Credentials: Master’s Degree in Public Administration and Policy; Bachelor’s Degree in Government and Journalism 

Number of years at Center For Family Services: 14

Expertise: Violence impacting youth, Camden City initiatives, early childhood education, community development with regard to human capital, education, poverty, community outreach

Richard Stagliano

Degree/Credentials: Master’s Degree in Social Work, Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology

Number of years with Center For Family Services: 34

Expertise: Marriage and family therapy