Victoria Dalton, advocate for domestic violence victims, to be remembered

Victoria Dalton, advocate for domestic violence victims, to be remembered Shryock
Friday, August 25, 2017

The late Victoria Dalton, a tireless advocate for victims and families of domestic violence despite her 14-year struggle with cancer, will be remembered Saturday, Sept. 9, when a team that has been formed in her honor, "Victoria's Corner," participates in a 5K race and mile walk hosted by the Center for Family Services at Washington Lake Park in Washington Township.

Through the center, Victoria used her law degree to represent victims pro bono in court. Touching many lives, she wrote a column, "Your Legal Corner," for five years, pro bono, in the South Jersey Times. The column focused on everyday issues while offering guidance to the public at large.

She volunteered for "People in Transition" at Rowan College at Gloucester County (RC/GC), teaching classes that helped individuals learn skills that are necessary to become self-sufficient.

And through her employment with the law firm with Hoffman DIMuzio, she helped create "Gifts of the Heart," a scholarship program geared for high school students focusing on their charitable work in the community. All this while being treated for her illness.

"Victoria was a very warm individual who cared deeply about others, especially those who were going through rough times," said Sean Dalton, Victoria's widower who serves as prosecutor of Gloucester County. "She wore her heart on her sleeve. She had personality-plus. She could light up a room."

Sean Dalton said event organizers hope to raise  $15,000 and make the event an annual affair. More than 100 have registered to date and two weeks remain. Registration commences at 8 a.m. with the race start scheduled for 9. "We expect a strong showing."

Sean added that the Dalton family will be out in full force. This is standard procedure for the Daltons.

Sean said Victoria  began working for PASA in the late 1990s, supplying emotional support. Then she took on a larger role, aiding those who were victims of domestic violence.

"Despite her illness, she continued helping others. Most people  were unaware she had cancer."

Through the race and walk, the Center for Family Services will raise funds that will defray legal expenses for domestic violence victims. Appropriately, the first-time event will be held  almost one year from the date of Victoria's passing.

She was an associate in the Hoffman-DiMuzio law firm for about 10 years. Her daughter is employed there presently.

Says Hoffman, "Victoria was a great advocate for all clients but especially victims of domestic violence. She was an inspiration to all of us. She was a wonderful wife and mother, and most importantly a warm colleague and friend, a very special person."

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