Bright Futures Ahead

Bright Futures Ahead

I continue to remind myself that I am an amazing mother, woman, and human being

Claira refused to be defeated by her past.

Prior to coming to Center For Family Services she faced several challenges. Low self-esteem. No self-worth. A violent relationship. Homelessness.

“I finally said to myself ‘enough is enough,’” recalls Claira.

Claira entered Center For Family Services' Mother/Child, a safe and supportive housing program for homeless mothers and mothers-to-be. The program changed Claira’s life.

“I was so excited about Mother Child. It allowed me to continue my night school classes while learning the responsibilities of living on my own and caring for my baby,” says Claira who was pregnant with her son Jeramiah while living at Mother Child, “I wanted to do anything and everything that was going to help me be a good parent.”

When Claira wasn’t in school she invested her time in parenting classes and life skills workshops such as financial literacy and stress management that were being offered at Mother Child. Within two months Claira was ready for independent living securing a one bedroom apartment and beginning a position as a home health aide. A few months later she gave birth to Jeramiah.

“In the short time I was at Center For Family Services I learned how to be alone, to love myself, and to endure the pain of my past hardships but to not let them consume me. I continue to remind myself that I am an amazing mother, woman, and human being because you can’t love anyone until you love yourself.”

Claira and Jeramiah are now on a path towards a positive future.