Healing Services for victims of domestic violence teams up with community center

Healing Services for victims of domestic violence teams up with community center

Center For Family Services' Peaceful Tomorrows program will co-share space with Daniel's Den Community Center
Friday, November 3, 2017

VINELAND- Victims of domestic violence often face an uphill battle as they work through the emotional, physical, and mental effects of their experience. Children who have witnessed violence in their households are even more likely to experience a broad range of behavior that affect their ability to grow into well-adjusted adults.

Thanks to Center For Family Services’ Peaceful Tomorrows program, families in both Cumberland and Gloucester County have somewhere to turn.

Peaceful Tomorrows provides children and their parents who have experienced domestic violence with a safe environment to heal from the effects of trauma.

Throughout a period of 12-15 sessions, Peaceful Tomorrows provides a safe and supportive environment for families to express their emotions and explore nonviolent ways of managing anger. Participants graduate from the program feeling empowered, confident, and healed from the trauma of violence.

For individuals attending the program in Cumberland County, they have the convenience of it being located at the community center, Daniel’s Den, allowing them to take advantage of both programs, in one convenient location.

The services offered at the community center will be available to Peaceful Tomorrows families and include: mentoring, tutoring, job search and resume building, and so much more. It will also give them the opportunity to interact with other families where violence is not present, helping them envision a better, more peaceful future for their family.

Together, Center For Family Services’ Peaceful Tomorrows and Daniel’s Den will support families rebuilding their lives after experiencing violence.    

If you or a loved one is in need of Peaceful Tomorrows services, call 1.800.225.0196 (Cumberland County), 1.866.295.7378 (Gloucester County). 


Jen Hammill, Associate Vice President of Public Relations
856.651.7553 x40129