Our Dream Come True

Our Dream Come True

A little over one year ago, my husband & I finally made the decision to pursue adoption. After eight years of marriage, and many medical procedures we decided that it was more important to be parents than to deliver a child.

We had absolutely no idea where to begin. We started on the Internet and found thousands of sites, but not that much information. We started asking friends and family if they knew anyone who had adopted. A friend of my parents recommended several agencies, one of which was Golden Cradle. We called 30+ agencies and started to get a clue as to how the process worked.

Making the decision to adopt is an absolute leap of faith; we decided to trust our instincts as we delved into adoption. We had a really good feeling about Golden Cradle after our first call. They were professional, helpful and patient…we had a lot of questions!! We went for our introductory meeting and were scared to death. Again, the meeting was informal but incredibly helpful. My husband & I knew immediately that this was the agency for us.

We began the process and never looked back. The paperwork and process is intimidating, but we always felt that Golden Cradle was our partner and coach through the whole process.

We attended our first meeting in June and were approved as parents in waiting in October. We then settled into the holidays. Our caseworker always kept in touch, so we never felt forgotten. She actually presented several cases to us almost immediately, which we decided not to pursue.

On Monday, January 3rd we got the call from Golden Cradle that would forever change our lives. We had been selected by birthparents and met them that evening. After an amazing meeting, the birth parents asked us to raise their baby. We picked up our 4 day-old baby boy the next morning. Even after our placement, I have always appreciated that calls from our caseworker were just to see how we were doing.

Our little baby is just six months old. He is the answer to our prayers and the fulfillment of our dreams. Our experience with Golden Cradle has been amazing.

Nancy & William