Jesse and Joey

Jesse and Joey

Our adoption journey began nearly two years before being placed. Adoption was very new to us at that time with lots of unknowns and questions, but the staff at Golden Cradle made us feel at ease and very comfortable. This is one of the main reasons we chose their agency and we truly felt that they would be there to guide us through this journey and answer any and all of these questions along the way.

From day one, we were very optimistic hoping we would defy the odds and not wait too long to be placed with a baby to love. One of the first things discussed with our social worker at Golden Cradle was our level of openness and what we would be comfortable with. In the beginning, we were much more reserved with our comfort level and did not think we would want anything other than writing monthly letters and sending pictures to the birth parents, definitely no visits.

At some point during our almost two years with Golden Cradle we started to grow and understand openness in adoption. We heard from other families who had adopted with open adoptions and from multiple staff members who were kind enough to share their personal stories of adoption and thoughts on openness and we couldn’t help but think “could being more open be a huge benefit for our child?” After reflecting on this question, we slowly began updating our profile.

Noah’s Birth Parents

The night of our match meeting when we first met Noah’s birth parents, we were filled with nerves and REALLY wanted them to like us. There are no words to describe how we were feeling, but this night was one of the most important moments of our journey. When we all met, it was as if we had known each other forever and we just felt comfortable and at ease…we all agreed that something just clicked! Thinking about the yearly visits and some of the other openness wasn’t as scary anymore because this young, selfless, love filled couple were about to give us the greatest gift we could ever receive, Noah. Present day, we just had Noah’s baptism and his birth parents and their family were there by our sides. We couldn’t imagine it any other way.

“Our greatest blessing is our son, Noah, whom we welcomed into our lives this past February. Not a day goes by that we are not thankful and grateful to our “two angels” that made this dream come true. These angels we speak of are Noah’s birth parents, whom we love dearly and are a part of our family forever.”

Golden Cradle

We are true believers that everything happens for a reason and God has a plan for each one of us. With the grace of God and the help of Golden Cradle we were brought together with our two angels and Noah. Looking back there is not a thing we would change with this journey because it all happened for a reason! We want a large family and are hoping to have more children through adoption with the continued help of Golden Cradle! Adoption truly is love and has changed our lives forever.

Jesse and Joey