Post Adoption Services

Post Adoption Services

Post Adoption Background and Search

Many adult adoptees and birth parents feel the need to know more about the birth parent or birth child they never met or have lost contact. Golden Cradle Adoption Services provides medical, social and information for adult adoptees who request this. We will also search for and act as an intermediary in the search and reunion process at the request of an adult adoptee, adoptive parents or birth parent.  We give out no identifying information until both parties consent. We counsel all parties considering search and reunion, and offers counseling after a reunion if requested. We do not advocate for or against searching, but respect each individual’s decision. Golden Cradle Adoption Services provides background and search services only for those Adoptees and Birth Parents whose adoptions we have facilitated. Please contact Golden Cradle Adoption Services to learn more about the process.

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Post Adoption Counseling

Our staff will provide post-adoption counseling to all members of the adoption triad (birth parents, adoptive families, and adoptees). Our experienced counselors have the professional understanding of the complex nature of adoption and its effects on you and your family interactions. We can provide both short and long-term support to improve communication and interpersonal relationships. We can help regardless of when your adoption took place.