Ted and Liz

Ted and Liz


Thank you for taking the time to learn about who we are and the tremendous amount of love we have to offer. We hope our profile will show you how our life is filled with love, happiness, joy, and most importantly support for each other, our family, and our friends. Our dream is to be able to share all of this with a child. We deeply value the courageous decision of adoption that you are considering. We want you to know that we admire you and promise to share the incredible sacrifice and unwavering strength it took for you to choose this path for your baby.

Our Story

Our story begins in sophomore year of high school where we met. Even though our personalities are different, we quickly found that we complemented each other well. We dated off and on for 5years before marrying in 2012. Ted proposed to me during a beautiful Christmas light show and it is a memory I will cherish forever. Christmas is our favorite holiday as it consists of our favorite tradition, Christmas tree hunting! We love to explore state parks and cannot wait to go exploring with our future child. We have created so many memories together and look forward to the day that we can create even more memories with a child.

Our Home

We live in a one story split level home with a full basement. It has three large bedrooms and a full finished basement for a playroom. Our home has red and white siding with large windows to let in the morning sun. It is set in a very wooded area and has a horse farm across the street. We have a large grass area out back for children to run and play. We already have a large amount of books, toys, and clothes waiting for our future child. We see our future child reading books, playing games inside and out, and feeding the horses across the street. A house already full of love is just waiting for our future child. 

About Us

If I had to pick one word to describe Liz, I couldn’t. I would describe Liz as loving, devoted, loyal, beautiful, amazing, and most importantly the love of my life. Liz was born to be a mother. She has an immense love for people and especially animals. She would love to go to school for zoology and I know she is looking forward to the day when she can bring our future child to zoos and aquariums. I love seeing the excitement on her face when she sees the animals. It’s an excitement I know she will have when she sees our future child for the first time. I know Liz is excited about all of the big moments and milestones, as well as the day-to-day activities and experiences that go into raising a child. She is looking forward to writing letters to Santa and picking out Halloween costumes. Liz wants nothing more than for he/she to feel secure and know that they are loved to infinity and beyond.

I am excited to tell you about Ted! Ted is hardworking, caring, and loyal to those he loves. He enjoys exercising and working on cars. If he could pick any job in the world he would chose to be an Indy car engineer. When I picture him with our future child I see my life as being complete. Ted is an amazing husband who always puts my needs first, something I know he will do with a child. Ted constantly makes me laugh. His sense of humor is what attracted me to him. I cannot imagine my life without him. Ted’s greatest dream is be a dad. He looks forward to finding adventure in every moment he spends with him/her. I know Ted will devote every ounce of himself to loving and protecting and him/her. 

Adoption Pledge: 

We cannot begin to imagine what you are going through and see that it is abundantly clear that your love for your unborn child is immeasurable. Family is so important to us and we are grateful that our destiny has led us to adoption. Our adoption journey has been a difficult road with many unknowns. But it has made us realize that our desire is to love and cherish everyone involved in this heavyhearted act of love. As you look down the road to continue your own personal journey, we want you to know that we have the utmost respect for you and your choice. Thank you for taking the time to read our letter and possibly entrusting us with a piece of your heart. We hope that you will consider meeting us as we would be honored to have the opportunity to meet you.