Domestic Adoption Services

Domestic Adoption Services

The Domestic Newborn Program is designed for families that are interested in adopting newborns of all races and backgrounds. We will identify birthparents seeking to place their child for adoption and match the child with prospective parents who have met all legal criteria to adopt a child.

Adoption Cost

We offer many adoption options for domestic adoptions. Each option has distinct costs and fees associated with it. We believe the cost of our services is competitive and closely linked with the quality of service delivery.

Please contact us to discuss our fee struction.

Whom Do We Serve?

We serve families of all races, nationalities, and religions. We encourage single and same sex families to consider our services. We also serve persons with disabilities.

The Adoption Process

As a licensed adoption agency in the state of New Jersey, we are charged with the responsibility of investigating and preparing couples to qualify for and complete the adoption process.

Adoption is a major life decision. Like many other life choices, adoption contains options and considerations that need careful exploration. Good decision-making requires good information gathering. Golden Cradle Adoption Services is committed to giving you accurate and timely information when you need it.

Our agency staff have experience with domestic and international adoptions and can speak with authority on most adoption options.

We hold monthly information meetings to provide those interested in adoption with an opportunity to have your questions answered and learn more about what we can offer.

The process for prospective adoptive parents consists of seven phases:

Information Gathering

Attend one of our free monthly information sessions at our Cherry Hill office or call us to schedule an in-person meeting or phone conference. 

Upcoming Information Sessions


After the application process is complete, you as parents wishing to adopt will attend a series of four meetings, to better understand all aspects of adoption.

You will have the opportunity to meet and get to know other families who have goals similar to your own. In addition, these meetings will help prepare you with how adoption will affect many areas of your life.

Home Study

A Home Study is a written document required by law for domestic adoptions. In the State of New Jersey, the domestic home study is valid for 12 months. Updates are required annually while waiting for a child.

The purpose of the Home Study is to assess adoptive parent’s readiness to parent, to assist in preparing them to parent and to ensure that all state requirements are met. To complete the study the social worker assigned to you will meet with you several times and discuss a wide variety of parenting topics.


Once the home study has been approved an adoptive family is eligible to be matched with a birth family for a placement. In the open adoption system, the birth parents choose the adoptive family. The birth parents are given the opportunity to determine which family will be the most appropriate for their child. They are first introduced to prospective adoptive families by viewing “Profiles”. A profile is a collection of pictures and stories that our waiting to adopt families has created.


Once the adoptive parents are chosen they may have the opportunity to meet the birth family before the child is born. Information is exchanged between the birth family and the adopting family about each other. If both parties are in agreement a “match” is made and the process moves forward.


Very often a baby is placed with a “matched” adoptive family directly from the hospital. In New Jersey, a parent can not surrender rights to a child before 72 hours after the birth of the child. The day of placement is a day you will not forget. It is the start of your new family!


The period proceeding finalization seems to move quickly as you get to know your child and experience parenting a newborn. After placement, the social worker will visit the adoptive family and their baby meeting State requirements for post placement visits. An adoption in NJ can be finalized no sooner than 6 months after placement. Finalization is a joyous occasion when you legally become a family with your new baby. For the staff at Golden Cradle Adoption Services finalization is our goal for you and we will be at your side to help you experience that day with your new family.