CFS Releases Dating Violence PSA

CFS Releases Dating Violence PSA

Teen volunteer program creates video aimed at prevention
Tuesday, June 21, 2011

CAMDEN-After months of planning, practicing, and filming Center For Family Services (CFS) teen volunteer program, Quixote Quest, unvealed their dating violence and bystander intervention video. With a $7,500 Domestic Violence Solution grant from The Verizon Foundation, Quixote Quest was able to use their talents and bring their script to life.  

With the assistance of SERV (Services Empowering Rights of Victims), a sexual and domestic violence prevention and counseling program within CFS, the teens were trained in bystander prevention education and guided through the script writing process. The end result is a three and a half minute video depicting three common dating violence scenerios and how they can be prevented.  

This Fall, Quixote Quest volunteers will lead discussions with teens in the Center’s shelters in hopes of educating them on dating violence. There is also the potential of circulating the video through local high schools and community groups.

With approximately 20% of female high school students in the US report being sexually or physically abused by a dating partner, and 40% of teenage girls say that they know someone their age who has been abused by a dating partner, this is an imperative time in a teens life to learn about the dangers of domestic violence.

To view the video please visit: View the Dating Violence and  Bystander Intervention PSA.


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