CFS Head Start Awarded $33,000 from Campbell Soup Foundation

CFS Head Start Awarded $33,000 from Campbell Soup Foundation

Grant will support organization's Head Start summer program
Thursday, May 2, 2013

CAMDEN- Campbell Soup Foundation awarded Center For Family Services (CFS) a $33,000 grant for the Healthy Living, Healthy Learning summer program.  The grant, awarded to CFS for the second year in a row, will give the non-profit funding to provide a high quality early childhood education program to Head Start students through the summer.

The ultimate goal of the Healthy Living, Healthy Learning program is to provide a safe, healthy environment where children can continue learning throughout the summer and maintain the educational gains made throughout the school year.

With this generous funding from Campbell Soup Foundation, Center For Family Services will provide eight weeks of summer programming for 80 Camden City children at the CFS Head Start PIne Street site. The program, which will prepare young learners for their first year of kindergarten or for continued success in preschool, will promote healthy living through the provision of nutritious foods and daily exercise. Parents and caregivers will be encouraged to become actively involved in their child’s classroom.

For the underprivileged students being served at CFS Head Start, summer learning loss is a significant issue. While many children make positive academic gains during the school year, the lack of exposure to books and continued learning opportunities during the summer causes students to regress by the start of the next school year. By continuing the high quality early childhood education program for these disadvantaged children throughout the summer,  CFS will be able to make great strides to bridge the school readiness gap between Camden City’s children in poverty and their middle and upper class peers.

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