Center For Family Services Engages NJ Men or Strength in Effort to End Domestic Violence

Center For Family Services Engages NJ Men or Strength in Effort to End Domestic Violence

Monday, October 1, 2018

When speaking about domestic violence, we often hear about the men who perpetrate these crimes. However, we know there are many more men who are concerned about this epidemic and want to do something to help.  That is why Center For Family Services, Services Empowering Rights of Victims program has partnered with the NJ Coalition to End Domestic Violence and domestic violence programs across the state to launch NJ Men of Strength, a statewide public awareness campaign that invites men to get involved in the movement to end domestic violence.

Beginning this October, for Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention Month (DVAPM), men are invited to sign a pledge to do their part to end domestic violence; to support domestic violence prevention programs; and to get involved in our efforts to create safe and healthy relationships, families, and communities.

“Joining with NJ Men of Strength gives us an opportunity to raise awareness in an effort to prevent sexual and domestic violence against men and women throughout southern New Jersey,” said Gina Ridge, Associate Vice President of Victim Services. “We encourage everyone to take the pledge to support changes in the cultural norms that make violence prevalent. Your support makes our community safer and stronger.”

According to Futures Without Violence, 57% of men believe that they personally can make a difference in preventing domestic violence and sexual assault, and 73% of men think they can make a difference in promoting healthy, respectful, non-violent relationships among young people. [1]  “Engaging men and boys in the work is an essential part of reducing gender-based violence in our communities,” said Pamela Jacobs, Executive Director of NJCEDV. “We know that most men want to help end domestic violence. Through education and community organizing efforts, men and boys can gain the tools needed to prevent violence and promote healthy, supportive relationships and communities.”

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