Center For Family Services Awarded $500,000 to aid Poor in Camden

Center For Family Services Awarded $500,000 to aid Poor in Camden

by Phil Dunn, Courier Post
Tuesday, December 25, 2012

CAMDEN - A $500,000 federal grant has been awarded to the Center For Family Services to help combat poverty in two city neighborhoods.

The Promise Neighborhood Planning Grant is expected to help promote career services, education improvements, and healthy development for children in the Cooper Plaza and Lanning Square communities. 

"The Promise Neighborhood Planning Grant award will support us in developing a comprehensive plan to transform and strengthen the Cooper Plaza and Lanning Square neighborhoods so that children and families can thrive and succeed," said Merilee Rutolo, vice president of the Center For Family Services. 

Cooper Lanning Square was on of 17 "Promise Neighborhoods" awarded funds from the overall $60 million grant which is part of the White House Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative.

"Children must be safe, healthy, and supported by adults across an entire community to reach their fullest potential," said U.S. Secretary Arne Duncan. 

"Against all odds, Promise Neighborhoods work to provide families and children with the support they need to help break the cycle of poverty that threatens too many of our  nation's communities."

Rutolo said the grant money will be used to create a "pipeline of community support" to ensure a lifelong experience that leads to academic achievement and neighborhood improvement.

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