Camden City School District

Under new leadership, CCSD has shown the ability to oversee and enforce funded-programming in compliance with local, state, and federal laws and regulations. This capability will prove to be helpful, as the district offices will be needed to interpret state and federal regulations in relation to the New Jersey Department of Education and the U.S. Department of Education. Furthermore, the school district’s Division of Business Services will provide support in a financial counseling capacity, assisting in budgeting, financial planning, and other services to create a strong economic foundation for schools citywide.

Promise Zone Goal

Provide high-quality, safe educational options that substantially improve the educational and developmental outcomes for all children and young adults residing in the Camden Promise Zone.

Camden County Police Department

Representing a partnership between the City of Camden and Camden County, the Metro Police Division was created as a countywide police department available to all Camden County municipalities on a voluntary basis. The police division features organizational flexibility, the use of civilian outsourcing for administrative positions, and a community policing model that has not only improved relations with the residents of Camden, but has also shown early success with a decline in homicide rates during the past several years.

Promise Zone Goal

Reduce violence and advance the safety and overall well-being of the residents of the Camden Promise Zone using community-based and data-driven approaches.

Campbell Soup Company

The global food company has been headquartered in Camden for over 140 years, with annual sales of $8 billion. A stalwart in the community, Campbell has invested over $132 million into the redevelopment of Camden, including the opening of an 80,000 square foot employee center and renovations made to existing buildings which will create job opportunities for Camden residents. In addition, Campbell Soup Company has made it a priority to assist the city in implementing a health reform with the launch of the Campbell Healthy Communities program. Started in 2011, the program is committed to funding $10 million over a 10-year span that will be used to promote physical activity for Camden youth.

Promise Zone Goal

Achieve the Healthy Communities Initiative goal to measurably improve the health of young people in Camden by reducing childhood obesity and hunger by 50%. Expected to be completed by 2020, the goal will be achieved through focuses placed on food access, nutrition education, physical activity, and civic engagement.

Center for Family Services

With more than 90 years of service throughout southern New Jersey, Center for Family Services has a long-standing history of collaborating with the Office of the Mayor, the school district, police department, residents, and other stakeholders to improve the lives of the city's most vulnerable youth and families. Providing more than 65 programs in community and behavioral health, early childhood education, family support, safe and supportive housing, substance abuse, and victim and trauma care, CFS is the largest social service agency in the City of Camden. In addition to implementing programs and services for the advancement of families, CFS currently administers over $34 million in public and private grants, consistently demonstrating the administrative, managerial, and organizational capacities to manage large, complex grants and programs.

Promise Zone Goal

Serve in a collaborative capacity with the Mayor's Office as the convening partner, working closely with all partnering organizations in order to provide programmatic delivery, as well as ensure that commitments are brought to fruition in the service of all Promise Zone goals and activities.

Cooper's Ferry Partnership

Founded in 1984 as a private, nonprofit corporation dedicated to the planning and implementation of urban redevelopment projects, CFP has coordinated more than $600 million of both public and private investments for Camden’s waterfront. Cooper's Ferry continues to use a focused approach in revitalization projects throughout Camden City, including the development of infrastructure, parks, trails, public transit. Cooper’s Ferry Partnership is quite successful in forming cross-sector partnerships, which have resulted in the stimulation of marketing activities, attracting new businesses and supporting older local businesses in the process.

Promise Zone Goal

Transform the Camden Promise Zone into a sought-after place to live, work, visit, and invest in by establishing a strengthened economic base, providing employment opportunities, and cultivating vibrancy and a strong sense of place through amenities.

Housing Authority of the City of Camden

Serving residents since 1938, HACC now serves 4,000 residents annually. In partnership with HUD, HACC has recently experienced a great deal of success by redeveloping Camden public housing into mixed-income communities, which will catalyze the future restoration of surrounding neighborhoods. HACC has also received three HOPE VI grant awards totaling in $97 million, and an additional $29 million in grant awards from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and Neighborhood Stabilization Program and $214 million in leveraged funding.

Promise Zone Goal

Ensure quality housing options are available for all residents by providing housing that is safe, affordable, well-built, well-maintained, and designed with the amenities to meet the needs of current households within the Camden Promise Zone.