Camden Promise Zone

Camden Promise Zone

On April 28, 2015, Camden, New Jersey was designated as a Promise Zone by the Obama Administration. The initiative forms a partnership between the federal government and local leaders of these designated communities, in which they work together to increase economic activity, leverage private investments, improve educational opportunities, address public health issues, and reduce/prevent violence and crime.  

Lead by the Mayor’s Office and Center For Family Services, Camden Promise Zone brings together several local organizations and partnerships, as the city implements solutions that will allow Camden to continue to revitalize.  The Mayor's office, along with Center For Family Services who serves as the convening parnter, will preside over a team of five implementation partners: Camden City School District, Cooper's Ferry, Camden Housing Authority, Campbell Soup Company, and the Camden County Police Department.  The Promise Zone team is tasked with implementing strategies that will address Camden's Promise Zone goals.

Goals of the Camden Promise Zone:

  • to create a sustainable economy
  • to reduce crime and prevent violence
  • to ensure safe and affordable housing
  • to provide high-quality educational options
  • to improve overall well-being of residents


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