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Reuniting Families

Although Traci thought she was fine, her addiction led to more stress and caused a strain on her marriage.  Traci’s husband was under tremendous stress trying to get help for his wife.  The stress led to a lot of arguments and on one occasion a fight that left Traci in the hospital.  The children, then 2 years old and 10 years old, were placed in foster care for several days and then in the care of Traci’s mother in law.

"Now I am able to care for my children again and on my way to helping others realize that there is hope."

Traci was drowning in depression. Unable to cope with her stressful life, she started taking prescription medication to heal the pain. Like more than 600,000 Americans today, Traci became addicted and dependent on the prescription medication and the 43 year old mother of two eventually became unable to take care of her family and the responsibilities of daily life.

Like many addicts, Traci didn’t think there was anything wrong with her addiction.  Her husband tried to keep the family together but the stress of two children and an addicted wife often led to arguments, some turning violent. After one particular fight, Traci landed in the hospital and her children were placed in foster care.

The thought of losing her children forever tore Traci apart. It was at that point that Traci knew it was time to get clean and sober. Through the help of a friend she found Center For Family Services’ SERV program and received domestic violence counseling before being referred to the Center’s Family First program. Family First would be the program to not only treat her addiction but to also reunite her with her children.

“The counselors at Center For Family Services were understanding. Group sessions gave us the chance to help each other. I knew then that I wanted to stay clean and sober and help others stay clean.”

Traci was reunited with her children after several months with Center For Family Services.  She is currently in school for substance abuse counseling. “Yesterday was one year…CFS was there for me through my recovery.  Now I am able to care for my children again and on my way to helping others realize that there is hope.”

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