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Promise Neighborhood

The Camden Cooper Lanning Promise Neighborhood Initiative is focused on creating opportunities for children and families who live within the Cooper Plaza and Lanning Square communities.  The Promise Neighborhood Initiative, based on Geoffrey Canada’s Harlem Children’s Zone model, aims to create a comprehensive pipeline of services and a cradle through college to career path leading to positive change for the children and families.  The Camden Cooper Lanning Promise Neighborhood Team, led by Center For Family Services, and including community residents and community based organizations, is developing a plan of community empowerment for children and families in the Cooper Lanning neighborhood of Camden.

The initiative focuses on:

  • Remaining community-based and focused on local community needs
  • Maximizing educational achievements for children in Cooper Lanning
  • Ensuring that each of the individual programs within the initiative is effective
  • Fostering strong links across programs to ensure smooth transitions and continuous services for families