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Mother/Child Residential

Mother/Child Residential provides temporary housing for women age 18 -35 who are currently homeless and either pregnant or parenting one to three children age eight and under. Services include:

  • emergency shelter for mothers and children
  • on-site counseling and case management
  • educational classes focused on parenting, anger management, communication, & substance abuse
  • assistance with creating and implementing goals for self-sufficiency with a focus on employment, education, & housing
  • on-site day care

During their approximate three month stay at Mother/Child Residential  women strive to become self-sufficient by:

  • developing and implementing an intensive case management plan to assist them with meeting their educational goals, seeking employment, & searching for permanent housing
  • participating in on-site educational workshops focused on life skills, parenting, nutrition, healthy living, home management & communication skills
  • attending supportive counseling sessions if needed